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Why I test my career aptitude?

Many of the students tired of running behind too much of options, they are confused what to choose, and wondering which course is best matches to them. Many of them choose courses not suitable to them and its lead to wrong career path or failure. If a student chooses an apt course to their real taste or aptitude they can shine in their career. Our career personality and aptitude test will help you to find out an apt career path and courses based on your aptitude and personality. This tool is designed to access your interests, values and preferences surrounding your career .It will offer an interesting look at yourself providing in information about what motivates and interests you. In addiction it will provide suggestion particular of courses which suites your career dreams..

Benefits of this test

Our research team developed an unique testing system based on students psychology, attitude, soft skills and integrated with technology. While this test our survey will read students mind and skill, after submitting test page our software will asses students real aptitude and suggest suitable career area and related courses to achieve it . We will guide you with a list of courses in each category with full details like eligibility, course structure, and duration. It will be real help to you; you can fix a career path and course without any confusion. Follow your dreams success will be yours.

We are charging Rs.500 for this aptitude test, you will get two chances including one free chance on this fee, login to your account after payment run aptitude test, read well each “interests” and select matching interests to you. You can select any number of interests.

After submitting the test you will get result with matching points in each category, the highest is your real aptitude .Some related job roles will display in each career category. Related courses link will navigate to course list , these courses will help you to achieve your career goals .

Result Model:

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